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AvatarKids St-Léonard


Depuis mercredi 12 octobre 2022, le robot Buddy a fait son entrée dans la famille. Avec l'accord du canton, le petit Valaisan pourra grâce à lui suivre des cours à distance.


Nous remercions notre partenaire, la fondation Planète enfants malades, pour cette merveilleuse opportunité.


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"Grâce au robot, mon fils ne peut que mieux se porter"


Accueil digital

A Thoune, plus précisément dans le cabinet du Dr Leithold, un robot donne un coup de main. L'orthodontiste est assisté par un robot humanoïde.


Les patients sont accueillis par le robot, guidés vers la salle d'attente, puis conduits vers la salle de traitement. 


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Hospitality Summit 2021

On September 7th and 8th, 2021 - you can meet us at the Hospitality Summit of HotellerieSuisse.


Be there and meet everyone who cares about the future of the Hotellerie. 


We look forward to you!

Viva Technology 2021

We're excited to announce our participation in Viva Technology 2021, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event!


Meet us in the Swiss Pavilion at booth G22 and discover our new robots!


See you from June 16 to 19, 2021, online or in Paris!


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Humanoid robots in hotels:So that the hotel business runs smoothly digitally

Our humanoid robots have been in use in the Swiss hotel industry for over a year now.

The two robot types are suitable for different types of operation:

#Pepper is predestined for smaller family hotels thanks to his attractive appearance. So far, he has been used in the Opera Hotel Zürich, providing relief at peak times.

#Cruzr is more of a cool, functional “type” who, thanks to his high-end navigation hardware, offers the option of accompanying guests in the building. Cruzr found his home in the Hotel Allegra Lodge.


The robots can be individually designed and various interfaces can be integrated.

The MyHotelRobot solution includes both hardware and software as well as support.

Ces 5 robots nous facilitent déjà la vie aujourd’hui

Au secours, les robots débarquent… Mais peut-être sont-ils déjà là? Les robots font déjà plus que ce que nous pensons. Ils nous montrent le chemin, trouvent des erreurs et nous remplacent lorsque nous ne pouvons pas être sur place. Nous vous montrons ici quels robots nous aident, nous les humains, et où le voyage avec l’intelligence artificielle peut encore nous mener. 


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Transformation numérique dans HotellerieSuisse

Depuis plus d'un an maintenant, notre robot Pepper soutient l'équipe de l'HotelOpera, en apportant son aide aux heures de pointe et en se posant en même temps comme un symbole de la numérisation dans l'industrie hôtelière.


Michael Böhler, directeur général du groupe Meili Hotels, voit des avantages évidents dans l'utilisation de robots humanoïdes : "Les robots peuvent prendre en charge des fonctions qui ne doivent pas nécessairement être exécutées par des humains. Je vois donc les robots plutôt comme un complément et un soulagement pour les employés. Cela signifie qu'ils peuvent se concentrer davantage sur leur activité principale - le client. "


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CRUZR anti-epidemic version

As a European venture, HERA (Génération Robots, Intuitive Robots, Avatarion Technology AG), is deeply concerned with the #Covid19 health crisis that our world is facing.

To fight the pandemic, we’re creating customized software solutions for robots that will help both healthcare staff and Covid-19 patients keep safe.


Stay healthy!

Wetechtogether Conference 2020

The conference aims at women to create an empowering environment for everyone to discover and navigate the fields of STEM.

It offers a diverse range of workshops, mentoring, talks and coverage for, with and about women.


Meet us at the conference on the 3th of October at Technopark.


We are committed to the future!

Pepper at the Opera Hotel

At the Opera Hotel in Zürich, they went one step further. 

Medium-term guests are to be welcomed at the 4-star hotel’s reception by our humanoid robot #Pepper who digitally carries out a part of the check-in. This allows regular guests to check-in faster and the reception staff can spend more time with guests visiting the hotel for the first time.

However, should there be any waiting time at the reception, Pepper can offer coffee to the waiting guests or give them tips on sights and places to go out in Zurich.


The future is now.

IFMA Spotlight 2020

What can robots do today?

What do we want to teach them?

How can we use them wisely?


The unlimited possibilities were discussed by Jean Christophe Gostanian at IFMA Spotlight 2020.


From sensitive gestures to specific instructions - a lot is possible.


The future is now!

FutureHealth Basel 2020

At the FutureHealth Basel, Jean Christophe Gostanian, as one of the speakers, informed about the latest update of the "Avatar Kids" initiative for children with cancer and our "NAO Senior" solution. 

TechPark Conference Davos 2020

During the World Economic Forum, Avatarion took part in the #AI TechPark Conference Davos 2020, where leading researchers, scientists, technologists, research companies, government agencies and companies from over 20 countries presented their latest research on the #TechPark stage.


The future is now!

WorldWebForum 2020

It has been a great experience attending the Worldwebforum 2020 as one of the innovators.

Over the past seven years, Worldwebforum in Zurich has developed into a meeting place for leaders who want to make a difference in the world. They share the belief that radical change in businesses and organizations happens by bringing together pioneers, nerds, mavericks, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, misfits, and you – a melting pot of stories written by life. Thanks to close relationships with thought leaders in Silicon Valley, China, Europe and top academics worldwide, Worldwebforum brings together the most progressive minds with the aim of empowering radical change in the world.