User experience PEPPER

Our developments in humanoid robotics in recent years have provided us with extensive knowledge and experience to best understand the needs of our customers. 

Thanks to our professional software "YEOSUITE", we have created a powerful user interface. Microsoft developed the Office package and we are dedicated to developing and innovating our solutions to make them more agile, intelligent and user-friendly.


Here are some of our specific applications and solutions for the PEPPER universe.



We have developed a special application that allows us to give PEPPER a certain liveliness, approaching people and arousing emotions.


YEO WELCOME can be found in various industries.




IOT internet of thing

The Internet of Things, short IOT, enables us today to connect a multitude of machines and devices with PEPPER. We have been working on YEO IOT for considerable time. Let us know which devices you want to connect to the robot in your company. We make it possible!



Coworking concierge

All our large customers use PEPPER as a concierge!

He informs, animates and is a true friend for your guests and employees. With our YEOWORK module, we can make the reception of your company, friendly and professional.

We recommend to combine YEOWORK with our display solution to create a valuable user experience.

Small talk

How's the family? What are the current sports results? What is your favourite dish? It is very important to us that PEPPER interacts with others.


We invest a lot of time in YEODIALOG to give PEPPER a variety of topics of conversation.


Lively Entertainer

Discover our unique YEOALIVE. PEPPER comes to life and can adapt from customer to customer. We have programmed various phases in which PEPPER individually responds to the mood and humour of the other person. At the same time it informs and advertises according to your wishes!

Assistant Integration

There are many personal assistants. Which service do you prefer? Here we show, on request, how we master the integration of existing services like Cortana on robots.


This creates even more interaction between human and machine!

Move on

Thanks to this module, PEPPER can orientate himself in any building. He can recognise his environment and move intuitively from A to B. 


PEPPER has a speed limit so that nothing can happen. He uses cameras and sensors to detect obstacles.


Let's roll!

Protel API interface

We are very proud of our cooperation with the hotel industry!

We work with several universities, renowned hotel schools and partners like PROTEL to keep our API YEO SERV constantly up to date.


Individual Software

Challenge us and develop your own software solution with us.


Please let us know your industry-specific requirements. We take care of the software and robotics.


Modern and tailor-made with YEO DISPLAY!


Humanoid robotics affects all industries. After many years of experience, we are always thrilled to be confronted with new challenges and to develop new applications. Together we create state-of-the-art solutions for your industry.



PEPPER is the perfect entertainer and can make your event shine. He animates, dances, gives humorous information and can take on various tasks.


Contact us, we will implement your ideas.



Zurich and Geneva are very close to the banking world. We are proud to have a number of banks as clients. Both in reception and assisting with artificial intelligence.


Learn more about it.


An industry that has to rely on technology. Hospitals and clinics that are struggling with a lack of staff. Here it screams for an update with the help of robotics. Registration, information and even accompanying services.


We make your business easier. What gaps do they want to fill with us?


Tourists are at the forefront.  Robots and peripherals help your visitors.  Do you need a translator who can order a taxi or recommend a restaurant in almost any language?


Contact us with your ideas. We will help transform them into reality! 


Many academic institutions in Switzerland are already performing research with our robots.  We help students to complete their bachelor's or master's theses.


If you want to work with PEPPER yourself, please contact us!

Laboratory & Research

The laboratory centres of our major customers conduct their own research with our robots.

Your IT department wants to work with PEPPER and get to know the possibilities as well as the limits? No problem!


Our API with PROTEL enables check-in/out, night service and various reservations to be recorded in the system.


We also highly recommend our information display applications.

Aged Care Homes

The constantly aging population screams for humanoid robots.


We are currently developing YEO SENIOR.  


This service will give residents of old people's homes new perspectives!


PEPPER in the co-working space as concierge and as welcoming assistant is almost standard nowadays.


Thanks to our YEOWORK application, we can support any co-working infrastructure.


Where can I find the shower gel? Can I please pay?


Your customers can not only search for products, but also debit or pay with loyalty points directly with PEPPER.


With YEO RETAIL your stores are already part of the future!


Airlines & Airports

We are proud to count the Lufthansa Group and Swiss Airlines among our customers. 


You want to know how we equip your airline with robots? 


Please contact us. 


We are working with the automotive industry researching exciting projects. The digitisation of the automobile of the future is unstoppable.


We are proud to present innovative solutions in cooperation with Rinspeed and the  Samsung dun Harman group.