USER experience nao robot

Our developments in humanoid robotics in recent years have provided us with extensive knowledge and experience to best understand the needs of our customers. 

Thanks to our professional software "YEOSUITE", we have created a powerful user interface. Microsoft developed the Office package and we are dedicated to developing and innovating our solutions to make them more agile, intelligent and user-friendly.


Here are some of our specific applications and solutions for the NAO universe.


Many academic institutions in Switzerland are already performing research with our robots.  We help students to complete their bachelor's or master's theses.


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Avatar Kids


More than 20 avatars are already being used in Switzerland for sick children.





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Autistic people feel comfortable with NAO, several studies confirm this. Our robots are here, for example, being used to impart knowledge and education.




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Laboratory & Research

The laboratory centres of our major customers conduct their own research with our robots.


Your IT department wants to work with NAO and get to know the possibilities as well as the limits? No problem!

Aged people

The constantly aging population is shouting for humanoid robots.

We are currently developing a variety of applications in this area, which will give seniors a new perspective on the future!


Welcoming / Reception

Yes, NAO can also be at your reception desk and provide your guests with information about upcoming events, reservations or even just directions to the bathroom. 


Do you have further ideas for use in your company? We look forward to your call.