What is Avatar Kids?

Avatar Kids is a worldwide unique pilot project which enables kids and young adults between 4 and 12 years old, to remain in contact with their familiar environment at school and at home during a longterm hospital stay. The Avatar robot NAO represents thereby the link between the longterm patient at the hospital and his school or family at home.

What can Avatar Kids do?

The child in the hospital sees what the Avatar robot sees on his tablet, hears what is spoken in the classroom through him, and he can really participate in lessons with a very easy remote control. Conversely, the child's voice is transmitted to the classroom via the avatar robot.


The teacher also receives a tablet to operate the avatar robot and, for example, to launch programs that support their teaching. The avatar robot can thus set math tasks, wait for the students' answers, understand and correct them. It can also read texts in different languages and be used for German, French and English lessons. Due to his agility he is also able to perform gymnastics or dance exercises.


More information can be found on our website avatarkids.ch. If you have further questions or are interested, please send us an email

YEOSUITE software for NAO

Download the User Manual

Instructions to start the system, description of mobile applications and troubleshooting