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We developed the software package "YEOSUITE" for the NAO robot in order to make the robots very easy to operate for young and older users. YEOLAB serves as remote control of NAO to start and stop lessons, therapy or services.

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YeoLab is available in the Google Play Store


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YeoLab Connect is a user-friendly application for your mobile devices that allows you to connect your robot via a tablet or smartphone so that you can control or program it.


YeoLab Cockpit organises your applications and executes them at the push of a button. You can also change the behaviour, volume and language or restart the robot.


YeoLab Editor allows teachers and students to easily program their own behaviours for the robot. To do this, you only have to drag & drop the individual behaviour elements into the editor. With this tool, students can learn about the basic principles of programming in a very playful way.

LESSON - Overview

YeoLab Lesson allows you to create, present and share interactive multimedia lessons. When presenting a lesson, the content is displayed on the teacher's and student's tablets, with the robot acting as an assistant to the teacher.


With the YeoLab Lesson editor you can create interactive multimedia lessons for the student tablets and the robot. Drag & Drop allows you to generate different multimedia content, such as displaying images, videos and web page content, producing quiz content and activate specific behaviours on your robot.


With YeoLab Lesson, teachers can easily navigate from slide to slide while presenting their lessons. An overview shows you the answers of the students and the correct solution can be output via the robot.


With YeoLab Lesson, students can see the entire interactive content of the lesson displayed on their tablets. While the teacher and the robot deliver the lesson, students can follow the content on the tablet and even interactively participate in the action by answering questions.


With YeoLab Cloud you can manage your YeoLab account. Soon you will also have the opportunity to use our new cloud services here.


Download the user manual and installation instructions to get all the answers.

User Manual / Benutzerhandbuch


Installation instructions / Installationsanleitung