Thanks to our unique software and our PEPPER robot, we can offer a large dialogue HD touchscreen. At the same time, the customer using his finger and touchscreen capability, PEPPER provides valuable information and support.   

You talk, PEPPER executes on the display

Dialogue-Connection with PEPPER

You touch, PEPPER reacts

Pepper content live onfly

We programmed some LIVE content in our YEOSUITE and with the help of PEPPER, thanks to this system, we offer your guests the unique possibility of providing entertainment and information.


Thanks to the development of YEO ALIVE and YEO WELCOME this is possible. The integration works with our YEO DISPLAY solution and enables the display on HD screens in large format.


PEPPER LIVE weather data

A.I. Watson News Explorer

Timetables of all kind

City information

Tourism Information

News LIVE Ticker

YEOSUITE APP for display/content onfly