The WiiGo trolley robot is autonomous. Once you have been recognized by WiiGo's visual sensors, it will accompany you safely and will make your every day life easier.  For a person with reduced mobility, a pregnant woman or an elderly person, this is ideal. WiiGo can follow customers through the aisles, and help them carry their purchases. Thus WiiGo will improve and facilitate their shopping experience.

Thanks to the latest image recognition technology, the WiiGo robot identifies its user in 2 seconds, just press the "play" button and the magic works! In addition, distance sensors allow WiiGo to identify and avoid all obstacles along the way.


  • The new assistant for your intelligent shopping
  • Combining computer vision, indoor positioning and artificial intelligence
  • Identifies you immediately
  • It can be tamed in a few seconds (follows you within seconds ?)
  • Carry the groceries and follow you every where
  • No more back pain, he carries loads up to 40 kilos
  • Very attractive and fun (very innovative and entertaining ?)
  • Easy setup and avoids obstacles
  • 1m60 with touch screen
  • Displays flash sales (as far as I know Flash Sales don’t exist in Switzerland – are we talking about sales/special offers ?)
  • Able to direct the customer to the desired products
  • It can directly calculate the sum of purchases and no need to wait at the cash desk