Ecobot Scrubber 50

The all-new Ecobot Scrub 50 is a fully autonomous cleaning robot that can automatically charge, dispense and refill all by itself.

Advanced sensors such as Lidar, ultrasonic and depth cameras enable the Scrub 50 to safely operate in public environments such as hospitals, malls, institutions and offices.

Cleans on schedule, requiring no human intervention in its cleaning operations.

Scrub 50 can make ground cleaning more intelligent and eco-friendly by saving time, labor, and water. 

Requires as low as 2 hours every month for general maintenance and upkeep, pushing productivity to new levels.

Ecobot Sweep 40

The Ecobot Sweep 40 is a fully autonomous vacuum robot that will remove the tedious labour of vacuuming and help companies save time and money. The Sweep 40 can easily vacuum on both hard floor and carpet areas and return to it's charging dock all by itself without human involvement.

Its powerful vacuum and brush power allows the clingiest dusts on the carpet to be removed while ensuring high levels of safety during operation with advanced safety and navigation systems.

Equipped with special soundproofing, Sweep 40 is able to operate at noise levels as low as 55 dB, making it perfect for office, hotels and many other commercial environments.