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PEPPER is the first personal and emotional humanoid robot designed by SoftBank Robotics capable of recognisingthe principal human emotions and adapting his behaviour to the mood of his interlocutor. PEPPER is a social robot able to converse with you, recognise your face and react to your emotions, move and live autonomously. 


Small, and with pleasantly rounded features, NAO is the first humanoid robot designed by SoftBank Robotics. NAO is friendly, small, cute, measures 58-cm tall and assists with the development and progress of science and technology education. NAO also has revolutionary applications for healthcare, rehabilitation and special education. From primary school and special education to research, NAO assists with the development and progress of thousands of school children, university students, and researchers. 


CRUZR is the last humanoid robot on the market with the best navigation solution. Rapidly and precise CRUZR is able to bring you to the right place and move autonomaus form point A to B.

CRUZR with the best microphone at this time bring you in a perfect dialog to your business.

CRUZR have a nice highend display to show your products and pictures.

His recharging station and long life battery give to CRUZR an enough autonomous during all the day.


The New Era of Indoor Intelligent Inspection.

AIMBOT, the autonomous indoor monitoring robot built for intelligent inspection, efficient inventory management, safety and security of data centers, and power distribution rooms. AIMBOT can actively monitor indicator lights on server racks, detect readings on digital instruments, assist with inventory management through RFID technology, and more.

AIMBOT redefines big data maintenance and security inspections with innovative technical solutions. 



BUDDY is an endearing emotional robot that wins the heart of the whole family, including children and adults.

And it is not his 60 cm high that will stop him in his quest for bringing the family around a new emotional experience.

BUDDY has a range of emotions that he will express naturally throughout the day based on his interactions with family members.

As a real companion, BUDDY walks around your house like a pet.

He is not just a friendly presence in the home, he is a real Swiss army knife that has many other really useful features.

BUDDY connects, protects and interacts with every member of your family.

Behind his cheerful and sweet little face, BUDDY is your personal assistant, watches over your home, entertains your children and interacts with your smart home connected devices, among many other services.

Alpha Mini

Your Intelligent Companion robot is here, ready to befriend, entertain, teach, and communicate in a wide variety of scenarios.

Alpha Mini is highly portable, bringing fun interactions and a wealth of expressions and functionality, including voice interaction, 4G LTE connectivity, face recognition, illustrated book recognition, and object recognition.

Fourteen servo motors power a variety of flexible movements, such as dancing, kung fu, and getting up after a fall, while the adorable LCD eyes can show emotion and expressions – making Alpha Mini feel like a true part of the family.