CHUV - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois


Our General Manager, Thierry Perronnet, unboxing NAO for CHUV Central University Hospital Vaud on Nyon regional TV. Thanks!

The robot NAO helping child with autism in Lausanne

Again at the CHUV / Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois, the children's hospital was supplied with an AvatarKids station.

SRF Einstein



Artificial Intelligence – The power of the machine



PEPPER was entertaining the numerous visitors along the booths.



Our avatars offer a little normality to children who are heavily sick. Thanks to them, they can participate at school whilst at home or in hospital, stay in touch with their friends and families and progressively recover.

SRF Sternstunde


Pepper meets Ed Catmull, President of the Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Marian Goodell, founder and CEO of the Burning Man project on the WORLDWEBFORUM.

NRJ Star Night


At the Energy Star Night in Zürich, NAO performed on stage together with its background dancers for Helsana and the Avatar Kids project and thrilled 13,000 music fans with its amazing dance performance.

Swisscom Dialog Arena


PEPPER and NAO assisted Swiss presenter Tobias Müller during his performance and entertained the numerous visitors along the booths.

Swisscom Dialog Arena Ticino


PEPPER entertained the visitors along the booths.



SRF reported in the TV program Einstein about the pilot project "Avatar Kids" from Avatarion.