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Humanoid robotics is our contribution to the indispensable development of our society towards modernity. The spectrum of possible cooperation between humans and humanoid robots is in full swing. Artificial intelligence is an effective means of communication that has already proven itself in Switzerland.

For 5 years I have been looking for partners, creators and networks to develop my philosophy towards these new technologies as part of this revolutionary universe with them, which are particularly sensitive in connection with human being. Thanks to our efficient teams, we are prepared to go beyond the existing limits of robotics by being attentive and responsive to the needs of each generation.


We are proud to offer new communication and support solutions to children and elderly people, be it in hospital or who are homebound, complementing the health professionals involved in their well-being.


Every day, Switzerland develops new programmes for androids tailored to the respective field of activity and offers a new, promising perspective for the future.


Jean Christophe Gostanian




FHNW - University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

We are working with the FHNW in various areas and have a number of bachelor and master theses of students running.



We have been supporting a CTI project (Commission for Technology and Innovation) in the field of humanoid robotics for 1 year.


EHL Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne

We have been involved in the development of various CTI projects in the field of humanoid robotics for over a year.


We have been researching for more than 1 year in the field of AVATAR technology where machines can improve or complement certain tasks of people. 


We have applied for patents and registered and protected various brands No. CH709 251 in "Processes and Devices in Telepresence" Avatar Technology

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