Génération Robots, Intuitive Robots and Avatarion create HERA

HERA: 20 years of combined expertise in humanoid robots programming

Human Empowering Robots Alliance (HERA) was founded end of 2019 by Avatarion, Intuitive Robots and Génération Robots. Through this strategic collaboration, the three pioneers in humanoid robot programming in Europe, have decided to join their broad skills, experiences and expertise to become a leader in Europe. This partnership has been announced the 1st of October, during the Business Innovation Week, a digital and robotics event held in Zurich, Switzerland.

More than a simple distribution channel for robots, a complementary business ecosystem


With more than 20 years of combined experience, both in hardware distribution and applications design, the three key players are now offering a unique robots distribution channel, with the best software solutions on the market. Engineer, business and marketing teams work together to provide social robots with embedded software solutions and applications perfectly tailored to customers’ needs. These robots will ensure maximum ROI and will improve customer experience in physical places.


The robots are available with an embedded software solution, called SPARK. Created by Intuitive Robots, SPARK is the first solution that integrates the most performing conversational agents (Chatbots) and the best knowledge technologies into any social robots, providing a rich, smart and useful interaction with robots.


Today, many companies use chatbots in their customer relationship strategy. SPARK allows to integrate and adapt these chatbots, giving the robot all the power and intelligence from the conversational agents (natural language understanding, machine learning…). In addition, SPARK already allows to connect robots to the IoT world (identification, payment…) and third-party services. The features of the robot combined with those of the chatbot provide amazing interactions with end-users, while enabling companies to enrich their omnichannel strategy.


HERA also proposes a complete range of applications, organized by industries and use-cases, in order to better meet market expectations.


HERA already has a strong sales force covering French, German and Swiss markets. With customers from 100 countries, Génération Robots offers a promising outlook in Europe as well as globally. On the Swiss side, Avatarion has a strong distribution network with a recognized expertise in applications design in banking, hospitality and education areas.


Companies can finally access a global service robotics offer, including robots equipped with the best software solutions on the market and rely on a range of services provided by robotics experts, all available via a single channel in Europe.


Do you want to know more about? You can contact one of the HERA sales members:

  • Distribution in France : Génération Robots | Intuitive Robots
  • Distribution in Switzerland: Avatarion Technology
  • Distribution in Germany: Génération Robots

HERA members during the Business Innovation Week, 1st of October 2019, Zurich


Founded by Jean-Christophe Gostanian in Zurich, Switzerland, Avatarion Technology AG creates customized solutions for humanoid robots, providing a complete infrastructure to interact and work with robots. Distributor of Pepper, NAO, Cruzr, Heasy, Alpha Mini and Buddy robots in Switzerland.


The company also develops applications for different industries, such as banking, hospitality, education and entertainment.

Founded in 2014 by Franck Calzada, in Nantes, France , Intuitive Robots has developed a strong expertise in the development of smart and useful applications for the most advanced robots, such as NAO & Pepper (Softbank Robotics), Cruzr & Alpha-Mini (Ubtech) and Buddy (Blue Frogs Robotics). 


Among their references, there’s Renault Group, Costa Cruises, BNP Paribas Bank and Carrefour Group.

Founded in 2008 by Jérôme Laplace, in Bordeaux, France, Génération Robots is a leading European company specialized in service robotics and programmable robots. Génération Robots has a strong international orientation, dealing with customers in over 100 countries.


The company also designs advanced robotic solutions for the nuclear industry, aeronautics, security, agriculture and many more.