Check In/Out

With this feature, your customers will be able to manage their own arrival and exit directly from your robot. A connection to your reservation system is required (example: Mews,etc.).


Create and manage your presentations (images, videos), add text and let your robot take care of the presentation on its own. 


Create and manage your picture galleries and slideshow.


Connect to your favorite media so your robot can see the latest news.

Service contact

Do your customers have any questions or need help? Your robot allows them to get all the hotline or support information they need.


Connect your robot to the various public transport schedules or airports available nearby and make them available to your customers on its screen.


Present your company's organization chart or let your robot do it for you.


Connect your robot to your local weather forecast and let it interactively introduce the weather to you.


Let your robot answer your customers' frequent questions in the form of a personalized FAQ.


Your robot becomes your live translator (28 languages available)